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The Epicuriana”




A Novel of Romance, Pirates, 
Mythos and Ancient Greek Philosophy

The EPICURIANA: A Novel of Romance, Pirates, Mythos, and Ancient Greek Philosophy

Paul Donovan

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About the author

Paul Donovan

paul donovan

Paul Donovan

By profession, I am a doctoral psychologist and psychoanalyst, now on sabbatical leave with family in Maine, USA. Truth be told, all therapy is a recapitulation, in one form or another, through the prism of one’s own lived experience. In my own case, I have a natural inclination towards archeology, delving into the buried layers of the past, whether it be in the realms of psychology or history. It comes as no surprise then, that I have had a lifelong interest in reconstructing the private life narratives of philosophers of the Greek ‘Golden Age”, many of whom led surprisingly adventurous lives. As soldiers, world travelers, or personal advisors to kings such as Alexander the Great, such extraordinary life experiences shaped their thinking as well as their legacy for readers of the 21st century.

The epicuriana©

About The Book

The Epicuriana©

THE EPICURIANA© is an imaginary life of Epicurus of Samos, a much-maligned philosopher of the Greek ‘Golden Age’, whose radical, yet straightforward ideas struck a chord with me many decades ago.

Instead of dry, abstract teaching, I sensed a vibrant, kindred spirit across the ages, and absorbed all that I could find about this elusive personality. I then put him aside for many years while I tended to my family, career, and friends, though the steadfast influence of his ideas persisted.

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Part I: “Prologue”

Chapters 1-3

Part II: “Beginnings”

Chapters 4-7

Part III: “Failures”

Chapters 8-22

Part IV: “Secrets”

Chapters 23-41

Part V: “Followers”

Chapters 42-46

Part VI: “Epilogue”

Chapters 47-50