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The Epicuriana© comprises 50 chapters divided into VI Parts, plus Introduction and Preface, with a block of 3 chapters (sometimes more)… to be released each week so that the storyline grows in a cumulative fashion until finished; after which the whole novel will run again, and so on.

Comments are encouraged, as with all blogs, along with an interactive author’s response as appropriate.

If The Epicuriana© makes for pastime reading during these terrible Coviditis days, or moreover, kindles a further interest in the burgeoning literature on Epicurus, then its purpose is more than fulfilled.

THE EPICURIANA© is a ‘Blog-a-Book’, free for all to read and comment, in the true spirit of what it means to be an ‘Epicurean’. As an action adventure, we follow the young, upstart Epicurus, brimming with revolutionary ideas, battling against pirates in the Aegean Sea or challenging a corrupt bureaucracy that wants his severed head on a plate.
I wrote the book as a first-person ‘autobiography’ of this neglected thinker, only to realize at the end, that it’s my own life story in disguise. It comes as a shock to realize that everything we write or do is a thinly veiled projection of who we are, which like it or not, carries the unique stamp of our own subjectivity. As with Epicurus himself, this novel of a fully lived life is a paean to the transcending power of love.

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(Optional Reading)


(Optional Reading)

Part I: “Prologue”

Chapters 1-3

Part II: “Beginnings”

Chapters 4-7

Part III: “Failures”

Chapters 8-22

Part IV: “Secrets”

Chapters 23-41

Part V: “Followers”

Chapters 42-46

Part VI: “Epilogue”

Chapters 47-50